In my crazier moments I want to whisper into the wind, in hopes that it stretches across the miles and misunderstandings between us: “You all have power and intelligence, please use them for good.” But then I remember that to men like that I’m just some stupid, slutty, crazy, scandalous woman, they’re walled up and barricaded in their hostile view of the world, and I wasn’t able to change their minds at all.

Those types of people seem to be winning at the moment. Dammit anyway. Then again, what I have learned since then: never give up, not matter what your emotions and your brain tell you. And do what you can to make the world a better place every day, every moment. It’s all over in a messy sneeze at any time, and what amazing things can you do with your time and energy while you’re here? Yeah, I know. People are too busy wounding and killing each other however they can – I feel like I’m on the wrong planet sometimes.

Love to all

Lover Come Back – City and Colour
You Win Again – The Bee Gees (don’t judge)
Bruises – Chairlift
Hard Lesson – The Burned




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