Cakes on fire

I picked up some shifts at the bakery, and how heavenly to do cake decorating again after the long break. Of all my careers, it’s funny that playing with icing has been a constant and steady go-to when I can’t manage much else. It’s girly and creative, surrounded by good smells, and generally it makes people happy. But this time at the bakery, my current high anxiety + being surrounded by good smells and amazing cake = more plump. All my pencil skirts are suddenly a little scandalously tight.It’s not helped by sitting in a damn chair all week at the hospital. *sigh*

The icing helped me put forth some great cake energy by dropping a cake off at the fire station for some very appreciative firemen. Holy fuck they’re all gorgeous. I love that we get to train with them, it’s wonderful to be around such amazing humans. Inspiring too- I needed to meet men who were doing good things with their lives. When the world is ending in horrific ways, they calmly run in and try to help – what’s not to love?

Swept Away – Diana Ross
I Wanna Get Lost With You – Stereophonics



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