The stone age

I was biking at the top of my favorite mountain (a little one), headed into the only semi-technical stair step rocky section on the backside of it. I pass these young guys and they see where I’m headed and one says “You’re gonna die” – grrr, I was on my Specialized mountain bike and the dudes were walking but I just laugh. Mostly because I’m super offended and pissed off but totally startled by that attitude, and also because I was concentrating on my form – it’s easy to do an endo on that steep of a trail. Seriously, just because I’m feminine female, doesn’t mean shit. I can still get muddy and attempt to be hard core at the fun stuff. And yes, I may do it in a dress or something cute – style points (but practical)!

Damn though, the majority of men are stuck in the stone ages on their views of women. This happened in my super progressive city on the progressive west coast, so I can only shudder in horror at how it is in other places. I see all kinds of news working at the newspaper, and it’s infuriating and revolting to see how women are treated everywhere. Men use such horrific violence to get their way. They have outies, we have innies, wtf is the problem?


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