One stitch at a time

I give up; this is not working for me at all. Being trapped at a desk surrounded by angry people and constant drama – when I work hard to create a calm and peaceful life – ugh I have to go do something else. It’s too bad really, this is an excellent hospital, the pay is great, and the benefits are excellent. I’m miserable though, and I feel stressed out and trapped in the crowded city. My writing can go anywhere, and I think it’s about time that it should.

The fire was a wonderful blessing; now I have much fewer possessions to worry about while I go on walkabout. Having so few ties hurts my heart, but it also gives me immense freedom. Fingers crossed that I don’t run into that hot fireman or any other temptation while I’m making my plans to escape the city. Holy crap, I just realized that I truly am ready to leave. Now it’s just a matter of if I’m brave enough to make that leap into the unknown. I’ve done it before, and it’s unnerving every time. Then again, when you feel this awful, the hard decisions become easier.

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