Mile posts

My friend says it’s good karma coming back to me, and I love that idea, but  it’s more likely the gods got distracted for a moment from their game of “torture the human.” Whatever it is, WOW. What a stunning change, even though I’ve been working and making baby steps forward; all of a sudden I made a giant leap that alters everything. Holy crap it’s funny how things work out – all the people who thought or hoped that  I was doomed to a life half lived in a fog of medication and therapy. Fuck that noise.

Now that I’m back to working multiple jobs and actually paying down my hospital debt, I’ve finally gotten to the point where I can think about future plans. With a tiny bit of surplus I signed up for a class, and planned a couple of days off in the woods with friends. I just want to drive until all I see are trees and sky, and I can run, bike, swim, and/or paddle until I’m running on fumes. That sounds perfect.


Kiss Me – Tin Tin

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