Trip switch

I couldn’t figure out why I bought so much fried chicken – climbing back into my car, not that hungry. Then I see a skinny homeless man appear, pushing his cart around the corner. He got pretty damn excited, and I understand that. When you’re hungry (he looked like he was licking a wrapper of some sort) anything tastes good. But perfectly spiced, hot fried chicken is worth getting excited about. He offered to smoke me out (no thank you), then said he owed me a song, to which I said yes. Drugs no, music yes.

Working downtown late in the evening, I see lots of homeless people. The old men stumbling through the park with icicles of drool blowing in the gentle spring breeze. The little roving bands of shabby, desperate people. I carefully dress to blend in and not have problems, then I go to another part of the city with its ridiculously expensive everything, and the sense of entitlement – quite a switch. I like them both for different reasons, but I couldn’t shake it tonight, the wishing I didn’t have to live in the city. I’m super lucky and blessed in where I am and where I work, but – *sigh*


Trip Switch – Nothing But Thieves
Urgent – Foreigner
My Church – Maren Morris
Teddy Bear – Elvis

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