Lucky stars

How lucky do I feel? Do I dare? Yes, I sure as hell do. I keep a low profile and stick to my own agenda, and I have biking and hiking and paddling to do, get the hell out of my way. My mom told me ages ago that I would love it there, and I’ve been dreaming of a writing studio there (in my artist-y wet dreams). It’s about damn time that I went. I’m just totally jumpy about even getting near the pissy dudes, but fingers crossed that those stars are completely not aligned. The city is so crowded; I want space and room to move in the trees and on the water with my friends, no matter who I have to pass on the way there.

And since I  booked my vacation; holy fuck I want to try SUP really really bad, even if I hurt myself. Again. Some failure is inevitable; it means you’re trying challenging things. What the hell, I’m feeling kinda lucky these days.

Underneath the Radar – Underworld
Lucky Star – Madonna

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