Obscure 80’s ballads

The first song today is cheesy and repetitive and awful, but it has a few good moments for what it is and I totally love it anyway. That melancholy love song sound that’s universal however you musically express it, which is actually not at all how I’m feeling, thank goodness.

I’ve been in a weird phase for musical taste lately; appreciating familiarity but restlessly craving something new. I find myself listening all the time, because I never know where I’ll hear the next song that I’ll fall in love with. It could be through the open windows of the car that pulls up next to me, or the cranked up headphones of a passing pedestrian. It might be on that scratchy radio station that barely comes in, or on the playlist of a friend’s phone.

Music has a huge effect on mood, and then you choose more music for your mood, it becomes cyclical, and how do you want it to go?

SOTD (I’m sorry, xoxo)

Without Your Love – Toto
Fallen Angel – Saga


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