Lonely like forever

Depression woke me at 6:30; heartbroken and sore down to my soul. Lonely like forever, despairing for humanity in general and myself in particular.

Given the current state of things, I decided I needed to do housework in heels and a pinup dress. Writing, photography, art, sewing, baking, cleaning, gardening – these make life so much better when the blues return. Logically I know how incredibly lucky and blessed I’ve been, so I will try to focus on that, even when my brain is swamped with the sad chemicals.

Oh how I wish I could do kitchen magic to make some worldwide calm and compassion, but simple cinnamon rolls will have to do, and a long technical bike ride. Alone as usual and in a dress, because I still want to be both feminine and ninja bad ass.


21 Summer – The Brothers Osborne

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3 Responses to Lonely like forever

  1. *hugs*
    I’m kind of in that same state. It’s a feeling I loathe, and rarely have, but as I’ve been eating gluten 2.5 weeks it has grown. To the point where all I could do this morning get was cry and tell hubby I didn’t want to live anymore. Gah! Only a few more days now, and I can take my blood tests and be off gluten again. So looking forward to it, because I’m a rather complete mess now. Have you found any food links?


    • Hey, I hear you on feeling that horrible; I hope you get gluten free and feeling better soon! I have found direct links between what I eat and how I feel; my next step is to see an allergist to see if I’m actually allergic to anything. Lots of veggies and fruit at the moment πŸ™‚ xoxo

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      • Sounds like a plan! That’s what I’m doing… I’ve been off gluten, but I need to trigger the damn thing to get any result on the blood tests. Good luck with getting yourself back on track! I’m all for going off the beaten path, but not in all areas of life. Creativity? Definitely! Be wild! Go all over the place! Health? Not so much. πŸ˜‰


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