Altering boring clothing is one of my favorite things. I like to take a completely plain article like a basic dress and go at it with scissors, seam ripper, or maybe add a ruffle, some ribbon or trim that will make it pop. It’s much faster than buying fabric and making the garment from scratch – fabric has gotten expensive too. I’m limited for time and I love having a blank art canvas ready to go. Each one is a challenge.

Plain dresses are perfect for alteration projects, but it’s easy to get tons of clothes for cheap, and use the fabric and/or forms for whatever ideas you want to explore. It’s inexpensive, entertaining, and great for my head and heart.

Art supplies and art time help mental health beyond measure. I suspect that it’s partly because expressing yourself and telling your story is a necessary part of the human condition; the only difference is what medium you choose. I’m currently telling my story in wearable form, image, color. Bonus if I can make something fabulous that has no duplicate in the known universe.

Love to all


Could Have Been Me – The Struts
Love An Adventure – Pseudo Echo


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