Love in times of war

The airport is magical and heartbreaking at the same time. I love it for the endless possibilities it teasingly suggests. The stories that have passed through, all that emotional energy; the hugs and kisses of welcome, and the tears of goodbye. People-watching in the airport is completely inspiring.

I bring my notebook and pretend that I’m an international writer headed off to celebrate human culture somewhere beautiful. I want to eat in celebration and do art projects with different communities. Most of all I dream about being able to safely travel as a single woman throughout Mesopotamia, and I want to see Egypt without worrying that I’ll be shot, raped, killed, imprisoned, tortured. I would love to see it change in my lifetime so that the next generation doesn’t have to live in that kind of world.

Tomorrow I get on a plane, and as always, I hope for something magical while I’m passing through the airport; those exchanged glances shared with strangers you’ll never see again. It’s poetic and perfect.

My coworker was teasing me about how trusting and hopeful I am and it’s true. I want to see the best in people, despite the horrible shit we all can do to each other. It’s my everlasting inner librarian/teacher hoping against all odds that we can inspire and motivate each other to do better, be better. That’s what I want to see trending.



Summer Rain – Belinda Carlisle
Lovers in a Dangerous Time – Bruce Cockburn
Heartbeat City – The Cars
In My Dreams – Berlin
The Presence of Love- The Alarm




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