Damn fools

The lawyer dude started preaching a little about how it’s impossible to be depressed when you consider how lucky we are, especially in comparison with many parts of the world. I just smiled and looked at him, inwardly wrestling with a quietly building irritation. I’ve been breezy happy every time I’ve seen him, per my normal attitude, but that is a conscious choice which most people like him aren’t aware of.

Depression manifests differently for everyone, and it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with external circumstances. Why do people not get that it can be a chemical issue in your damn brain, and yes choosing your attitude helps, but I still may feel like the world has ended or is soon about to end. Trust me – I know how lucky I am, but I also know how many years and how much work I’ve put into beating back the wolves of depression.

So yes, when some smug rich white dude starts preaching to me about depression and gratitude, I kinda want to scream. That’s not even telling him about the panic attacks, the PTSD, and the arguable label of bipolar. I think he’d lose his shit and be one of those people who always say “Oh, you’re not bipolar, you don’t seem that way at all.”GRRR- it took many agonizing crashes and years of difficult work to get here, you ignorant fuk, plus it’s a whole lifestyle and attitude to maintain my equilibrium. Now kindly learn about real mental illness and stop yer damn fool preachin.


Papa Don’t Preach – Madonna
Hard Lesson – The Burned

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2 Responses to Damn fools

  1. I’m sorry that you had to endure such ignorance. It’s amazing really. People can comprehend and accept a physical injury to your other organs. Having a heart attack? Perfectly understandable. Suffering from clinical depression? Not possible/you’re overreacting etc. It’s like the brain is the only organ immune to injury in these people’s eyes.


    • Well said! I keep hoping that if all of us keep writing about it, the ignorance will become aware and educated. It has to change, rampant untreated mentally illness is the root of so many problems. Thanks for reading and commenting- have a wonderful day!

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