Volume at highway speed

Sometimes I wonder what it might have been like if the timing had been different – but it matters not at all except if I can use the images for short story material. There’s no sense in wondering, because that shit’s all done now. I try to look at it as a learning experience and move along as well as I can. Holy fuck how awful though. So many years wrecked and lost forever. Then again, at least it’s given me a lot of compassion for others. And what the hell, I did have lots of fun in the manic phases.

If I’m stable and doing so much better now that I’m off all the medication and after disowning half my family and starting my life basically over, am I still bipolar? Oh fuck it, the labels don’t even matter.


Just Say Yes – Snow Patrol
Everyone’s A Winner – Hot Chocolate
Born To Be Alive – Patrick Hernandez
Dancing On My Own – Robyn
I’m Amazed – My Morning Jacket
In My Dreams – Berlin


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