Catch-22; the arts version

How do you find a job/career that pays well enough that you can do your art, and also leaves you enough time to do it? My job pays well, but it sucks all the energy right out of me. I thought I was done teaching preschoolers for a while, yet a lot of adult “professionals” have similar behavior patterns, and it’s exhausting to deal with.

Even though I have about a month of vacation time, I can’t take any of it because there’s no one who can do my job while I’m gone. Here I am, burned out and cynical and I know it’s because my work/life is completely out of balance. Like so many artists, I feel like I’m dying after a while of not expressing my creativity as much as I need to. Just thinking about painting is enough to bring me to tears.

I have the money for art supplies and studio space, but I don’t have the energy or time. It’s kind of funny really. I sneak in some writing here and there, along with bits of other mediums, but holy shit I just want a house full of art projects and happy people, and a career as a writer – why is it so damn hard to make that happen?


A Matter Of Time – Randy Travis
Alone on Christmas – Darlene Love




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