Backseat driver

Dammit. I guess I’m a nasty woman too. We crawled into the backseat and clothes went flying enough to make a connection. Just off a main street, windows fogging over, hands everywhere, trying not to scream with the pleasure. Trying not to think about how many other women he’s seeing, while he’s still trying to convince me to date him again. I know too well how it goes though and while I love being in a solid relationship, it’s never going to be with him and all his secrecy. However, it was a diverting way to spend the evening – women aren’t supposed to say it but with a good partner and with my consent I LOVE SEX.

Better Be Home Soon – Crowded House

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2 Responses to Backseat driver

  1. “Woman aren’t supposed to say it” GIRL WE DONT SAY IT ENOUGH! We love sex! Hahahah


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