The right words

And here I sit, staring at the screen just like you are, with a thousand thoughts whirling around. If only I could put the letters in the right order and combine the right words, I would speak directly to your heart and soul. Prose like honey under carefully placed fingertips. Since that is still a work in progress, this is what I came up with instead:

I finally went skiing yesterday, and the wind, the snow, and the equipment the dude hooked me up with = a pure escape from the stress of my work week and the seasonal depression. A little adventure was exactly what I needed. I used dark goggles so I could push it harder and feel less fear, and it was a blast. The dude is fun to hang out with, we talk about whatever, and just kind of run around and do our thing. I like that he challenges me in some good ways. It’s nice to not feel like I’m going to start a battle if I bring up the wrong thing like with the other dude. Just having some chill companionship is what I thought it was all about. There are a zillion interpersonal battles to be had everywhere on the planet, I treasure each oasis of friendship.

My fiance always loved to say that when you paddle whitewater, if you know what you’re doing, the most dangerous part was driving to the river and hiking your boat down to the water. I guess for skiing, it’s walking through the parking lot and loading gear. Not the new mogul section or the windy chairlift, or even the slippery wet floor of my friend’s mountain cabin. I count it as a great adventure if there are no doctors/hospital/urgent clinic visits immediately following, and I’m sure not going in for a sprain so that counts. The swelling will go down eventually. It was worth it.

May We All – FGL


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