Dreaming of bookstores

What a challenging time to be empathic; humans are all crazy as fuck. I wish people would calm down and have more parties, build more spaceships, have more fun adventures, do incredible things. Yet it’s devolving into more stupid violence and primitive behavior. My inner librarian teacher nanny cringes in horror, wishing and hoping and knowing we can do so much better.

I try to stay apolitical, but at least somewhat educated and informed, trying to find accurate information and assessing what maybe isn’t authentic. I care about all humans no matter how messy it gets and my theory is that if you keep track of what’s happening, perhaps you can be in the exact right place and right time, exactly when the universe needs it. So far my timing’s sucked.

On a good note, I battled the wolves of depression this week by seeing my personal trainer who kicked my ass (still love running and the rowing machine), I spent two hours in my favorite bookstore, and I had a promising phone interview. Change is in the air.

Don’t Leave Me This Way – Thelma Houston – turn it up and listen to the bass line
Stillness of Heart – Lenny Kravitz


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