Evergreen symphony

These days when I get a burning desire to do something, I usually run with it as much as I am able. The symphony called to me last night, and I got a little dressed up and went by myself, it felt decadent and wonderful. There was a lot of white hair in that crowd, in comparison I felt young like spring chicken. The music was lovely;  something about classical music affects the electrical circuits in my brain. Jazz does it too, especially the more chaotic or free form compositions. Music is such heavenly mental health treatment.

Today it’s off to the aviation museum, because I’ve been waiting forever for the opportunity and life is short so today I’m finally going to see one of the coolest aircraft on the planet!!!!!! OMG!!! Yeah, I know I’m a dork, but human flight is super exciting, and it’s the Spruce Goose – why has it taken me so many years to get over to visit such a marvelous creation??? And I’m going to imagine what it would have been like to have hot sex with Howard Hughes in the plane. Yummmm.

Love to all

In A Letter to You – Eddy Raven
Voyeur – Kim Carnes
The Sweet Goodbye – Kelley Hunt

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