Never over you

I’ve been reading a lot lately, from a constantly changing stack of books from the library, added to my own decent stacks. They give me solace like few other things in this world. Words from brilliant but long-dead authors, illuminating struggles now lost to time. They help bring understanding and a wider view of the strange and alarming current world events.

Currently I’m reading a fascinating biography of the Mitford family. I just finished a wild romp through Caravaggio’s life – now totally obsessed with needing to go see some of his works in person. Instead of watching tv last night, I read about a bunch of more adventurous local hikes, and 100 Photographs That Changed The World. The flip of pages, the hefty weight of pages of wonderful storytelling; I fall in love over and over.

Next up is a re-read of the engineering techniques for building immense sand castles, and a large volume comfortingly titled When All Hell Breaks Loose– because you never know when I might need those skills. Waiting patiently are piles of other books, teasing me with their stores of humor, knowledge, wisdom, and strategies for managing this messy human life.

What Kind of Love – Rodney Crowell
Never Gonna Give You Up – Rick Astley

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