The need for art

One of my favorite parts of the creative process is when you can’t wait to get up in the morning to see it. I love to examine how the now-dried paint has changed the feel of the paintings. The texture and color of  the design seen with a rested pair of eyes

I’m working on a series of three tiny paintings; it works best when I have multiple projects going at once, and I can bounce back and forth. The variety is like cross training for my creative brain. Art projects are wildly therapeutic- they extra help me with the messy and painful parts of life. At those times I especially love to read about other artists and what expressions they used to reflect the human experience.

It’s so valuable for society to have art;  what miraculous things humans can create… and everything that’s ever been created by humans was once just an idea floating around in someone’s brain. I just wish more of the creations were for humans doing fantastic things, and less destruction.

Politics are not my favorite thing to talk about; but as a single, childless, female writer/artist, I’m revolted by our current administration. How awful to have more creepy old white guys pretending to lead us, while they dismantle and destroy the very fabric of our society. They have gone mad with power and greed.  What’s the point of fighting, if we don’t have the beautiful natural world, and the beautiful creations that humans come up with? Is there really that much money and satisfaction in war and divisiveness? We can do so much better.

Quote of the year: “Don’t build a wall, build a deck and invite everybody.”

Waiting for a Light That Never Comes – Linkin Park
Beethoven’s 9th
Collide – Howie Day
Baby Likes to Rock It – The Tractors

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