Chances are

The firefighter is texting me – how funny. I love the honeymoon period, when you’re seeking the commonalities, the similarities, the ways to connect. Chances are that it won’t last, but the idea of it is wonderful. What normal woman doesn’t melt into a puddle in the presence of a firefighter? That strength and calm, the devotion to service, that big red truck – pretty fantastic.

My only fervent prayer is that none of them use their connections to run a background check on me. I know my past will haunt me forever, but it’s too soon to talk about my suicide attempts. Even worse is if he happens to know someone who responded to the call – those are awkward, horrible conversations that I don’t want to have yet.

For now I just want some fun conversation with a sweet man. After that last nightmare of a dude, it would be lovely to have some normal, adult conversation with someone interesting. It’s just a bonus that this one is so handsome and intelligent as well. Dreamy…no big deal that I got the date from an auction, it’s money way better spent than online dating, or sorting through the apathetic hipsters around here.

Dreaming – OMD

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