That song

The last week before vacation and I can barely concentrate. Just for variety and to relieve the springtime blues, today I signed up for an archery lesson, a river sailing, a float tank session which sounds super interesting, and finally bought a smarter phone. My coworker nearly fell over in shock. I know, I’m way behind the technology curve. It’s not by choice, it’s because I’ve been busy trying to survive amidst always worrying that my illness will flare up again to the point of debilitation. The fun cool gear has always seemed out of reach, no matter how many jobs I juggle at once.

Now I have a little extra money, free weekends, and what the hell. Life is short and I refuse to wait to do all the things I can manage. It’s a bummer that so few people are up for regular adventures. I do them on my own which is fun, but dear lord I would love some good company. I’m stuck inside my head too much, I need to hear new stories, and I’m seriously in hug/touch deprivation.

Wanna Be That Song – Brett Eldridge
I Threw The Rest Away – Tracy Lawrence
Treat Me Like Your Money – Macy Gray

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