Waiting on the deck

Puddletown has burst into an explosion of colors, plants in blooms of all shades. Walking or biking in the park becomes intense art and color therapy. Form and color in such saturated hues and green everywhere. I feel incredibly lucky to live in such a spectacular part of the world.

It’s so close, so I run around in the woods whenever I have a spare moment. The forest is like a warm and welcoming wonderland, and I never get tired of it. The city does have advantages though, even if it is getting super crowded. We can fit more, and lord knows there’s plenty who need a safe and beautiful place to live. It sucks that there’s so much for humans to be running from. Such awful things we do to each other. And here I am – stuck on the quote “Don’t build a wall, build a deck and invite everyone.” (seen on a billboard)

Big Green Tractor – Jason Aldean
Colors – April Smith and the Great Picture Show
Green – Dandy Warhols
Oh What A Thrill – The Mavericks

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