Adornment lessons

Never buy art when you’re drunk. My friend thought it was hilarious to buy me a painting that I can’t even show here, it’s so terrible. It was from a street fair, with lots of cool local artists that I wanted to support. This artist even had lots of fascinating work. And I picked an image that is a serious “Wtf do I do with it now?”

It must have been the shot of tequila he got us, because I can’t imagine hanging a graffiti style mafia cat with a cigar on my wall – NEVER. Maybe it’s the alcoholism that runs on my paternal side – small amounts have a huge effect. A beer or two and I’m nearly completely without boundaries or inhibitions, and at risk for all kinds of crazy things. This time it was bizarre art and a photo op with a bunch of firemen. Think I need to stick to weed.

You Don’t Know – Berlin
When It Rains, It Pours – Luke Combs
Bend Me, Shape Me – The American Breed

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