Out on the range

Cowboys who have good manners and who can dance – they’re absolutely a weakness of mine. One of many weaknesses I might add, but I adore the chivalry and respect, and with a dude who has confident dance space; I lose my $%#@.

Once I flirted with a bouncer at a bar in college (who had an unbelievable body), and he showed up to country music night and literally danced me out on to the floor – he was a rock solid wall of muscle and rhythym. It was spectacularly romantic and panty-droppingly hot. Shame that he turned out to be married. Yuck, but before that it was fun as hell. A rotating group of us would go hit the dance floors all the time -getting great exercise, watching out for each other, and enjoying life.

Last night a few of us work friends went out country dancing, and I got dance floor fever again. I used to dance every weekend, and I advocate for it as a wonderful mental and physical health treatment.  But now I see that it’s hazardous to go out dancing. One more homicidal lone shooter, and another massive, multi-layered tragedy that will reverberate for generations.

Head Like A Hole – Nine Inch Nails
What About Me – Moving Pictures
Enola Gay – OMD

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